2012 Champ Shows

2nd OD - Boston & District - Judge:- Graham Lewis
5th OD - Working/Pastoral of Wales - Judge: Mrs L Lewis
3rd OD - Rott club of wales - Judge: Christine Chapman 
3rd OD - Working/Pastoral of Scotland - Judge: Joe Watt
1st OD - DCC - WG2 - Bath - Judges: Kate Pinches & Claire Coxall

2012 Open shows

1st OD & BIS - B.R.A - Judge:- Stuart Thompson

2011 Champ Shows

Munster circuit

Navan - 2nd
Munster rott club - 1st open dog & Reserve Green Star
Killarney - 4th Open dog
Tralee - 4th Open dog

1st PDG - The Rott Club -  Judge:- Mr Chris Window (Hanbar)
'Good size with very attractive dry head, good breadth of skull, level muzzle of good depth, excellent ear carriage and dark brown eyes completing the picture, dark mouth pigment, well boned with well arched tight feet, good lay of shoulder, well sprung ribs and very nicely set tail carried well, super coarse flat coat,. Impressed with his demeanour, full of self-assurance and confidence which was lacking in many exhibits. Moved very soundly
2nd LD - Windsor  - Judge: Maggi Bryant
'This is a boy that i have not always  liked from the ringside but have to apologise to his owner because when i went over him i completely changed my mind. When you look at him face on he has one of the best wedge heads with everything as it should be, lovely kind expression, good reach of neck into good front and correct body proportions, good rib cage and strong driving rear end. One to watch when he matures'

2011 Open Shows

1st OD - Best dog - Best In Show - LASER - Judge: Lorraine Sylvester
2 year old good sized self assured male, clean well proportioned head, , strong muzzle, dark eye and good ear placement, black mouth pigment. Good bone , tight feet, good colour, , well constructed front, short loins, sharp topline, well carried tail, strong purposeful movement

1st YD & RBD - The Rott Club - Judge: Mrs Tina Gibson (Diester)
Loved this boy, correct dentition, good size, beautiful head, good ear set, good topline held on the move, lovely dark eye, lovely in profile. Little  unsettled at first but when settled comes into his own. Considered him for BD but felt OD had the maturity

1st Open - Hitchin & District - Judge - Pauline Lockyer (Guadami)
2½" year old male of nice breed type. Very good headpiece with nice dark eye and good mouth pigment giving him a melting expression. Deep stop, broad muzzle. Nice amount of forechest.Hhe has a super outline, enough angulation and a strong topline which he held while moving around the ring with good reach and drive. Well handled to win this class.

1st Open & RBOB - Horley & District - Judge:

2010 Champ Shows

VHC - PD - Boston & District - Judge:- Joan Adams
VHC - PD - Manchester - Judge:- Pat Bryant
VHC - JD - The Rott Club - Judge:- J. Bloom
1st - JD - W&PBAW - Judge: T. Johnston
'masculine balanced head with good stop and muzzle,good neck,bone,depth and rib. nice topline and held pleasing outline, in good condition.'

2nd - JD - Birmingham national - Judge: Joanna Barnes
'young male of good type, this dog has a beautiful expression, lovely dark mouth pigment. Good colouring. Presents a lovely outline by his expert handler, movement not quiet as good as 1 today.'
3rd - YD -
Driffield - Judge: Mrs J Thompson (Jantavia)
3rd - YD - South Western Rott Club - Judge: Joanne Johnson (Pendley)
3rd YD - LASER - Judge: Trevor Simmons

2010 Open Shows

1st YD - B.R.A - Judge: Sandra Braithwaite
'Good head with dark eyes and correct earset, good length of neck with nice shoulders,dark tan markings, good topline and tail carriage, covered the ground with ease to win this class'

2009 Champ Shows

2nd- MPD - South Western Rott Club - Judge:- Leana Lewis
'Another nice youngster with dry head, good neck and shoulder, Good rear angulation and moved well' 

2009 Open shows

1st & BPD - MPD - The Rott Club - Judge: Derek Hopgood
'8mth old dog smart boy with good head and body, correct tail set, won his class with his excellent movement'