2011 Champ shows

vhc OB - LASER - Judge: Jenny Banham

1st OB & RCC - Richmond - Judge: Jeff Horswell
Strong yet feminine bitch. Liked her proportions and balance of angulations . Clean head, strong and lengthy neck, firm topline, well ribbed, correct hind angulation, could be slightly tidier out and back.
3rd OB - city of Birmingham - Judge: Janette Blunden

Munster Circuit
Navan - 1st with Reserve Green Star
Clonmel - 1st Champion class - Green star and Reserve BOB
Munster rott club - 3rd champion class
Killarney all breed - 2nd champion class
Limerick all breed - 1st champion class - Green Star & BOB
Tralee all breed - 3rd Champion class

1st OB & BCC - NW&PB - Judge: Wendy Hillier
Quality class with some girls going unplaced. Super bitch with so much ring presence, Pleasing head, dark eye, medium sized ears, attractive expression, very feminine. good neck & shoulders, firm feet & pasterns. Good top & underlines, powered round the ring with good reach & drive. Definitely in her prime time of life! Very happy to award her the CC

.2nd OB & RBCC - B.R.A - Judge:- Jeff Luscott
Close up in the decision, she is a quality girl with the outline and powerful form. Great type in head, muscled neck, front check & body power. Has the front & rear angles, strong rear quarters and strong topline. She moved to please, so accurate in front and rear with a great side profile. In lovely conditjon to take the Reserve CC today.

3rd Champion Stakes (15 entries) - East of England - Judge: Mr J. Watson

2010 Champ Shows

2nd OB & RBCC - NW&PB Scotland - Judge: Brian Hindley
Another good one. Beautiful head, strong foreface, good body, excellent condition, moved well. First & Second places could change anytime.

2nd OB - South Western Rott Club - Judge: Pat Bryant
Stylish bitch with a clean outline. Attractive head, dark eye, good pigmentation and correct tan markings.  Straight front with tight feet and level topline which she held well on the move. 2 worthy champions just preferred the overall balance of 1

1st OB, BCC & BOS - Driffield - Judge: Jackie Thompson (Jantavia)
'I have admired this bitch from afar, she has the take home factor too.  She has a feminine head, dark eyes and sweet expression. Small pendant ears close fitting to cheek. Well defined stop, strong firm neck, laid back shoulders, clean straight frim topline, coat and undercoat, well muscled quarters, lovely presence and attitude. Well balanced throughout with no exaggerations. Won this very strong class with her true honest movement she would work all day and loved her workman like attitude and presence. Could not deny her this class and she pushed all the way for the CC and got it. Well done.'

Kilkenny Ch.Show - Ireland - Judge: Mr D. Minogue

Deise C.C. Ch. Show - Ireland - Judge: Mr M. Betts

3rd OB- Border Union - Judge:- Sharon Brown
nd OB - Scottish KC - Judge: Llona Onstenk schenk
2nd OB - Working & Pastoral of Wales - Judge: Tom Johnston
good head and stop, good bone and body shape, good quarters and body proportions,good front action and width'

1st OB, BCC, BOS & RBIS -The Rott Club - Judge:- Jackie Stubbs
'3.1/2 year old bitch in super condition, well muscle toned with classic head, dark almond eye, well shaped and placed, good med/large ears well set and carried close to cheek, good fill of foreface with correct dentition and scissor bite, strong under jaw, good reach of neck leading to well placed shoulders with tight elbows, deep chest and good forechest.  Good bone and super tight feet, strong topline with correct angulation in rear, moved with reach and drive and covered ground easily only slight criticisim is because of being worked for condition she has a slight tuck up in underline but i forgivie this due to super condition. Pleased to award her CC and fought for BIS but referee gave Dog BIS'.

2009 Champ Show Results

Res OB - The National - Judge:- Mrs AT Elina Haapaniemi
Res OB - Bath - Judge:- John McManus
3rd LB - B.R.A - Judge: Karen Davies
3rd LB - Three Counties - Judge:- Georgina Adams
2nd OB - Nat W&P - Judge: Derek Thompson
3rd OB - Paignton - Judge: Maggi Bryant
1st OB & BCC - Welsh KC - Judge :- Mr P. Lawless
'A cracking bitch, lovely shape, strong head, nice dark eye, ears well placed of good size. Super front, well developed chest, excellent topline, angulations are excellent front and rear. Moved well all day with good reach and excellent drive from the rear. CC Bitch, hard to believe that this was her first, am sure the other two will follow shortly.'
1st OB & BCC - City of Birmingham - Judge: Margarette Davids
'smart, well balanced young lady who displayed a sharp, clean outlien on the stand, strong female head with medium dark eye, lovely ear set and big correctly placed white teeth, excellent body proportions with good lovely angles allowing her to gait with ease and purpose, in super condition, wearing a correct coat, a cracking bitch, befitting her name her name who demanded my attention and got it. CC, her second, I'm sure her third will come soon'

1st OB & BCC- Richmond - Judge: Mr R. Newhouse
 first class bitch, loveliest of heads, super neck & shoulders, great body creating a picture of excellent balance & strength, so very sound on the move, very worthy ch

Res OB - SWKA - Judge: Mr Roy Baker 

2009 Open Shows

3rd Open - Newmarket & District - Judge: Jo Warder
1st OB & BIS - Northern Rott Club - Judge: Andrea Stubbs
Lovely size bitch with ample bone, beautiful eye and expression, head type so typical of the breed, correct bite & dentition would have liked a darker mouth but this in no way takes away from her good points, lovely reach of neck leading into well placed shoulders, strong level topline which held well on the move, good depth & breadth of chest with correct spring of rib, strong loin, tight feet, well marked harsh coat presented in the best of condition, showed good reach & drive on the move paralell coming and going a credit to her owner. Please to award her Best Bitch & Best in Show.

2008 Open Show Results

1st Special Yearling/RBOB - South West Essex Society - Judge: Bee Lee (LeeBee)
2nd LB - BRA - Mrs D-Kennis Pordman
1st Post Grad/BOB/Group 3- City of Cambridge - Judge: Colin Richardson
1st Post Grad/BOB - Derby Canine - Judge:- Nikki Wainwright
2nd Open - Torrington & District - Judge: D. Stansbury
1st Open - Dunstable & District - Judge: Nicola Bradley
1st Open / BOB - Newmarket & District - Judge: Rebecca Watts  (Jezeve)
1st OB / RBOB - BRA - Judge: Keven Brampton (Beewise)
1st Open - Huntingdon Canine - Judge: Pat Lister
2nd Open - The Rott Club - Judge: Andrew McMaster (Beiderbecks)

Champ Show Results
1st PGB
- National Working & Pasotral Breeds Wales -   Mr G. Lewis
1st PGB - Rott Club of Wales - Judge: Mrs M. Davids
4th LB - Scottish Kennel Club - Judge: Gordon Rattray (Varenka)
3rd PGB - Scottish Rott Club - Judge: Lynn Ledger
3rd LB - Bath - Judge: Zena Thorn-Andrews
1st LB & RBCC - Southern Counties - Judge: Ron Menaker
2nd LB - BRA - Judge: Trevor Killick
1st LB - Three Counties - Judge: Dena Fanshaw
3rd LB - National Working & Pasotral - Judge: Sharon Brown (Imogard)
3rd LB - East of England - Judge: Peter Keenan
1st LB & RBCC- Welsh Kennel Club - Judge: Jackie Stubbs
1st LB - Richmond - Judge: Robin Searle
3rd LB - LKA - Janette Blunden

2007 Open Show Results

1st Puppy & BPIB -   Bucks Canine Society - Judge:- Les Price
2nd MPB - British Rottweiler Association - Judge :- Christine Thorn (Kristaliens)
Quality puppy bitch,not quite the body and head of 1,but still very well put together,dark medium eyes of correct almond shape,dark mouth with correct dentition, ears well placed, clean dry head, nice reach of neck,level topline,very good feet and coat, nice colour,moved steady 
1st Puppy/BPIB/2nd in Group- City of Cambridge - Judge:John Warder (Schutzer)
Just 6 monthe old so she's still quite slight,but she's a lovely lovely shape, beautiful head,i think she's going to grow on nicely indeed .
1st Puppy/BPIB/Group 4 - Hitchin & District - Judge Bob Brampton
Very promising type, very good future, very feminine,well bodied,pleasant head,correct dentition. Movement needs to tighten up and will as she matures,first class condition.
3rd Junior/BPIB/Group 2 - Dunstable & District - Judge:- Bas Bosch
3rd Puppy - Laser Rott Club - Judge: Jo Ellis (Falkor)
2nd Puppy - Newmarket & District - Judge:- Stuart Thomson (Bamabel)
2nd Yearling - The Rott Club - Judge: Mandy McMaster (Beiderbecks)

Champ Show Results

1st PB - National Working & Pastoral Breeds of Wales - Judge; John McManus
VHC PB - Welsh Rott Club - Judge:- Jeff Luscot
Res PB - WELKS - Judge:- Albert Wight
2nd PB - Birmingham Dog Show - Judge:- Dr Ronald James
3rd PB - Bath - Judge:- Chris Window (Hanbar)
2nd PB - B.R.A - Judge: Carla Lensi
2nd PB - Blackpool - Judge: Gerald Mitchell
VHC PB - South Wales - Judge:- Tom Johnston Mcphill
1st JB - East of England - Judge:- Margaret Gee
Res JB - Bournemouth - Judge: Violet Slade (Potterspride)
3rd JB - South Western Rott Club - Judge:- Steve Myring
3rd YB - Working & Pastoral Breeds Scotland - Judge: Georgina Adams (Jhava)
3rd YB - LASER - Judge: June Knox (Torrenta)
Res YB - LKA - Judge:- Bill Crawley